oFono 1.6

oFono 1.6 has been released on April 20th. This release mostly improves modem dongles support.Read more

Release of oFono 1.5

This release fix some issue with the Infineon modem, and add features to the SIM Com modem.

oFono 1.0!

We are pleased to announce that oFono 1.0 has been released. This marks a major step for oFono and we consider it fully feature complete for 2G and 3G telephony.Read more

oFono 0.49

oFono has been released on May 29th. With this release comes the first version of SMS for CDMA, and also some improvement in PPP stack.Read more

Modem Emulator

Introduced some month ago, oFono has now the capability to emulate modem!Read more

oFono 0.48

oFono 0.48 has been released on April 26th. This delivery has been made to solve an important crash when the modem is going offline while GPRS context is active.Read more

Improved emergency services support!

Since oFono 0.47, emergency related procedures have greatly evolved.Read more

oFono 0.47

oFono 0.47 has been released on April 15th.Read more

oFono 0.46

oFono 0.46 has been released on April 13th. Community has been very active this period.Read more

oFono 0.45

oFono 0.45 has been released on March 15th.Read more

oFono 0.33

oFono 0.33 is out. This release is mostly a mixed development and bug fix release. The main new features are Fixed Dialing support and Send DTMF support.Read more

oFono 0.32

oFono 0.32 is out.Read more

Slides from LinuxCon Japan 2010

Here is a copy of the presentation I gave at LinuxCon Japan 2010 earlier this year. Click here.

Presentation from LCA 2010

For those interested, here's a presentation I gave at Linux.Conf.Au earlier this year about oFono.Read more

Back from OSCON '09

Just got back from O'Reilly Open Source Conference in San Jose where I gave a presentation on oFono. For all interested, the presentation materials can be found here: link.Read more


Intel and Nokia are pleased to jointly announce the oFono project, an open source project for developing an open source telephony solution. is a place to bring developers together around designing an infrastructure for building mobile telephony (GSM/UMTS) applications.

Review the oFono architecture diagram for more information.

Review the source code for an even closer look.Read more

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