How to Enable a Modem with oFono?

Have a modem at hand and would like to have a try with oFono? Most of time, it's as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. This page will give you some guidelines.

  • Check if oFono has already supported your modem Check the wiki page ( to see if your modem has been supported. If YES, your modem is expected to work with oFono out of the box. If NO, follow the below steps.
  • Udev rule oFono uses udev to detect your modem. Try to add rule for your modem in ofono.rules (either in /lib/udev/rules.d or /etc/udev/rules.d, and the latter one has the precedence) by providing idVendor, idProduct, etc. Refer ofono.rules for details. Once your modem gets recognized by oFono, using the script /test/list-modems will report your modem info.
  • Modem driver All the vendors listed in above wiki page already have a dedicated modem driver, and you may also have a double check in plugins/. If your modem vendor is in the list, most likely your modem can work now. Otherwise, you have to add a modem driver for your own. Please refer existed driver (e.g., atgen.c or huawei.c) for details. You may have trouble to decide the atom driver, and next step would give you a hand.
  • Atom driver Each modem contains several atoms. Most of time, your modem can reuse the existed atom driver under drivers/. But sometimes, your modem has some extension to general AT commands or use proprietary protocol, so you have to hack out your own atom driver. There are two ways to accomplish this: a) If your change is trivial, you may simply add some quirk to existed driver (most likely it's an atmodem atom driver). Refer atom drivers in drivers/atmodem/ for details. As an example, search "OFONO_VENDOR_MBM" in sim.c for the usage. b) If the change is somewhat big, you have to create a specific directory in drivers/ for your modem, and put your atom driver in it.

    Hope now you're lucky and welcome to the oFono world!

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    And yet after all those years of development, they still....

    And yet after all those years of development, they still do not offer Total Commander compatible keyboard shortcuts and layout to make it easier for TC users to switch....

    How to enable Tata photon plus (CDMA) using ofono

    Hi I am trying to bring up tata photon plus(CDMA) with with connman.

    While installing connman, enable ofono.

    Also installed ofono-dev and ofono package.

    Please let me know where do i need to set the username, password,phone details.